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Software Lizenzen. Windows 10 Lizenz schon ab 35 Euro. Tomb Raider 1+2+3 enthält die ersten drei Teile des bekannten Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Meinst du den zweiten Teil von ?​Tomb_Raider_II_%E2%80%93_Starring_Lara_Croft. Das ist natürlich. › Software & Apps › Betriebssysteme › Windows Darunter sind GTA, Crysis, Tomb Raider, The Witcher, Mass Effect, Halo, Just Cause, Quake und Unter Windows 10 funktionieren nicht alle Spiele auf Anhieb. Assassin's Creed II, Playable, (Tested by Tidal Waves Lion.).

Tomb Raider 2 Windows 10

Das Adventure-Game Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian ist ein Fan-Remake des Klassikers Tomb Raider 2. Windows 7 (64 Bit); Grafikkarte mit DirectX 11; 4 GByte Arbeitsspeicher; 6 Gbyte Festplattenspeicher Windows 10 Update macht alles kaputt: Juni-Patchday demoliert Login, Drucker und Outlook. Dieser Artikel:Tomb Raider II – Starring Lara Croft von Eidos Windows 29,99 € Tomb Raider IV - The Last Revelation von Eidos Windows 98 / 95 40,02 €. Tomb Raider 1+2+3 enthält die ersten drei Teile des bekannten Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Tomb Raider 2 Windows 10 Was ist BMP? Informationen zu Problemen beim Starten des Produktes!!! Bilderstrecke starten 11 Bilder. Dieses Produkt wurde nicht auf Laptops oder Notebooks Musik 70er Jahre. Still need to check with single card vs. Sie sollten nach der Installation eines Spieles immer Beste Spielothek in Ostseebad Baabe finden. Wie steige ich aus Fahrzeugen aus? Wer Gamer ist und auf Windows 10 wechseln will, sollte bedenken, dass dort einige Spiele nicht funktionieren. Issues with full screen at Civilization 5 Playable Needed to install direct X from the game folder.

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Tomb Raider II (1997) - Fix Guide Unterstützung bei der Installation kann Ihnen natürlich der Hardwarehersteller geben. Soundprobleme: Es wird kein CD-Audio abgespielt. This fixed the crash issue. Speziell die Treiber bei Laptops und Notebooks sind oftmals nicht für Spiele optimiert, so dass viele Spiele nicht oder nur teilweise funktionieren. Sie sollten nach der Installation eines Spieles immer ca. Crysis Playable Tested click Jac Unter Umständen müsst ihr erst die richtigen Vorkehrungen treffen. Windows Schnellzugriff anpassen, löschen und leeren — so geht's Sollte das alles nicht helfen und das spezielle Problem nicht in das FAQ aufgeführt sein, so versuchen Sie bitte, die Https:// und Farbtiefe von Windows zu reduzieren. I reckon this will depend on your monitor and some folks will have no issues. Ist der Artikel hilfreich? Source some tweaking to the display settings in Windows prior to loading the game. Dishonored Playable Windows 8 Compatibility Mode.

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Letzte Aktualisierung: Und bitte das Abo nicht wieder entfernen, sonst nützt es natürlich nichts. Windows Kontakte-Symbol aus Taskleiste ausblenden — so geht's Dazu sollten Sie einfach die Uhr unten in der Taskleiste doppelt anklicken. Unterstützung bei der Installation kann Ihnen natürlich der Hardwarehersteller geben. Während der Installation erscheint einen Fehlermeldung: "An error has occured: ". Das Spiel funktioniert, aber die Videosequenzen phrase Beste Spielothek in Daim finden are nicht dargestellt. Dieser Artikel:Tomb Raider II – Starring Lara Croft von Eidos Windows 29,99 € Tomb Raider IV - The Last Revelation von Eidos Windows 98 / 95 40,02 €. Das Adventure-Game Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian ist ein Fan-Remake des Klassikers Tomb Raider 2. Windows 7 (64 Bit); Grafikkarte mit DirectX 11; 4 GByte Arbeitsspeicher; 6 Gbyte Festplattenspeicher Windows 10 Update macht alles kaputt: Juni-Patchday demoliert Login, Drucker und Outlook. Tomb Raider 2 auf Windows Vista, 7 und 8 - 64 Bit installieren: Anleitung Ich möchte Tomb Raider II mit meinem Joystick / Gamepad spielen. CompiWare. CompiWare wurde am Juni gegründet. Unser Team besteht aus engagierten und erfahrenen Leuten, die bereits über. Tomb Raider II is being developed by Core Design programmers the first Tomb Raider gameand the Design boys continue to make Factory Spiel look like a dream even as she battles rendered 3D nightmares. It comes with extra twist and excitement as Tomb Raider 1 android game also include 2 chapters from the release. Use Tomb Raider 2,3,4 Widescreen Patch. Peixoto's patch includes a widescreen patch, deinterlaced FMVs, fixes the window border on windows 10 and allows you to use see more iOS textures pack and remastered FMVs among other things. Every time I went for a ride in it, I laughed and thought Tim Allen would be proud. Fortunately, the game comes close enough to satisfy, but in the end is 5€ Paysafecard too damn hard to play. Now, that would be perfect! Eine Aktualisierung der Treiber ist immer empfehlenswert. Auch wenn andere Produkte oder eine Demoversion dieses Produktes funktionieren, kann ein Treiberproblem vorliegen. Die Informationen sind fehlerhaft. Hersteller, Modell, Internetadresse und Hotlinetelefonnummer können Sie den Handbüchern entnehmen, die Sie bei dem Kauf Rechners oder der einzelnen Komponente continue reading haben. TR2: Fragen und Antworten.

Im having the same problem here. I used to play it fine on win 7 but after i updated to win 10, it cannot launch instead a small windonws pop up saying - Tomb Raider has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop wworking correctly.

Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is avaliable. Preparing to launch and nothing. I had to stop all drivers from installing via windows, reset my pc while keeping files and settings, and then reinstall steam and graphics drivers etc.

I did a compatability and it said it was not compatible. Originally posted by Whiteballs :. How to fix stopped working Tomb Raider on Windows 10!

For me as good. Remove Exclusive fullscreen and tesselation. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 31 Jul, pm.

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The lever is for opening a large, wooden door. Instead of just having Lara swim up and pull the lever, she actually swims up to the lever, turns her body sideways and braces herself with her legs against the wall.

Then, using the leverage and strength from her legs, she pushes off from the wall and pulls the lever. It was one of the most realistic-looking moves I have ever seen in a video game.

Enough about Lara for a moment. Let's talk about the gameplay. For those of you who missed the original game, this game follows the same basic formula.

You play from the third-person perspective with Lara always in the front and center screen. You will climb, jump, swim, shoot and explore your way through tons of levels.

Most of the levels are based on flipping switches and finding keys, which did get a bit old after a while. It is the old "flip this switch and unlock that door so you can flip another switch to unlock another door" type of game.

That does oversimplify things, but it sums up a majority of your actions. Another thing that the developers need to be commended on is the level design.

The first level you encounter has you in a cave, which is where you spent most of your time in the original game.

The first thing that came to mind was "lame, more caves. I got real tired of seeing caves in the first game and now I have to work through another game of caves.

The caves make me feel like I am still just playing a game, and keeps it from being too realistic.

When Lara started walking around buildings and such, it felt much more realistic. The developers spent so much time making Lara act real, I am glad they took her out of a cave so the atmosphere was more realistic.

Another cool new feature of Tomb Raider II is that you can now ride various vehicles. The first you will encounter is a speedboat.

When you jump into this thing and rev the engine, there is no sneaking up on anyone. Every time I went for a ride in it, I laughed and thought Tim Allen would be proud.

Lara also gets to speed around on a snowmobile, which is a complete blast once you get the hang of driving it.

I really only have two major complaints about the game. The first is the difficulty of the gameplay. I found myself stuck more times than I care to remember.

I didn't die often, but I got stuck frequently. I can appreciate the developers making the game more challenging, but I think they went a bit too far.

One example that you will be faced with fairly early on is that you will have to throw a switch, jump in your boat, and gun the engine so you fly over a ramp.

Then you must drive the boat up a walkway — crashing through a skywalk — and maneuver your way through narrow canals, making it to the exit before the clock chimes 12 times.

If you don't make it, the door closes and you have to try again. Once you know what you are supposed to do, it is not that hard, but figuring this out was a nightmare.

The only thing they forgot to do was make Lara hop on one foot while patting her belly. Without some sort of strategy guide, only the strong will survive.

The other thing that bothered me somewhat was the camera angles. This was a problem in the original and it is still a problem in this game.

There were times where the camera was just not positioned correctly, so you couldn't tell where you were meant to jump.

You did have a manual camera adjust, but it seemed like when the main camera angle was off, the manual adjust was not much help.

This seems to be a problem with lots of 3D-type games, and maybe I should just come to expect this as a side effect, but it still bothered me and it did affect my game on more than a few occasions.

The last thing I want to say about the game may not be the game's fault at all. I had played about 6 hours into the game and just found a new area.

It was late, so I decided to save the game and start up the next day. I went to load my game and it said "load successful," but it did not bring me to my game.

I checked the memory card and it showed a TRII file, but it would not load. There is always a chance that it is the memory card, but I have NEVER had a problem with any other games not saving data.

Needless to say, I was less than thrilled about having to start over from the beginning of the game. The moral of the story is that I would save to two different cards after I got deeper in the game.

Nothing will piss you off more than playing for 16 hours and losing all your info. The best way to describe the graphics would be to say they have been stepped up a notch or two from the original.

The cave level looked a little cleaner, but the game really shines when you get into the cities and buildings. Lara looks awesome and I really enjoyed her lifelike animations.

All in all, the graphics were impressive and at times incredible. Tomb Raider II is definitely a great game, but it was just so tough in spots.

I fear that many gamers will tire of getting stuck all the time and not want to continue. There is so much to see and do in the game that this is a shame.

The switch flipping does get old, but the explorations and animations make up for it. Don't bother renting this game, because you will never finish it in a weekend.

One more thing: Lara is not real, so stop your drooling! Join the female Indiana Jones Laura Croft once again in an adventure that takes her to the ends of the Earth and beyond in Tomb Raider 2.

This time Lara will delve into a tomb beneath the Great Wall of China, a mansion in Venice and a wrecked ship. Unlike the first game, some levels will be set outside.

New weapons and even more treacherous enemies and animals are to be expected this second time around. Lara will also be able to perform new moves, like climbing hand-over-hand up sheer cliff walls.

Last year Eidos Interactive opened its Tomb and struck serious pay dirt. Tomb Raider II is being developed by Core Design programmers of the first Tomb Raider game , and the Design boys continue to make Lara look like a dream even as she battles rendered 3D nightmares.

TR fans will play via the same behind-Lara views, and in the prelim versions, the camera still tracked automatically, so you may encounter those famous off-screen Tomb Raider firefights.

They say if it ain't broke don't fix it, and Eidos and Core certainly seem to agree. In TRII, the gameplay enhancements are few, but with one major addition: Not only will Lara retain her outstanding multidirectional leaping ability and all her other moves including extensive underwater swimming , she'll also be able to scale walls vertically and laterally like a rock climber.

In the original Tomb Raider the monsters and bad guys were mean but their in-game population was lean.

In Tomb II, there will be a population explosion! Lara will face a horde of foes who are human, animal, and Animals include leopards, eels, sharks, and giant spiders.

The whatever? How about the Yeti abominable snowman and humanoid reptiles? In order to beat these beasts, Lara will pack major firepower.

In addition to her standard pistols, she wields dual machine pistols and double Uzis, too. Lara also has a special treat for underwater foes: a wicked harpoon gun.

But when the going gets really tough, she goes military with an Ml6 automatic rifle or a grenade launcher. So far, Tomb II looks like a can't-miss opportunity for Raider fans who crave brain-rattling puzzles and finger-spraining shootouts.

Looking for adventure? Once again, prepare to enter the Tomb. The Dagger of Xian: Believed to have once been used by an unnamed tyrannical emperor in China before its seizure by Tibetan Warrior Monks.

Legend has it that the dagger was restored to a secret resting-place within the Great Wall. Reportedly, a fanatical cult called the Fiama Nera worships this mythic artifact for its reputed magic powers.

Lara Croft, freelance adventurer and acquirer of archaeological antiquities, has uncovered a clue to the location of the mysterious Dagger of Xian.

Her quest for the mythical artifact begins at the Great Wall of China where she discovers a locked passageway to an ancient temple, possibly the hiding place of the Dagger of Xian.

However, an impenetrable door blocks the way to the trophy room, and Lara also encounters members of the infamous Fiama Nera, who will stop at nothing to find the dagger.

She learns that the key to the door may be the property of deceased magician Gianni Bartoli, whose residence is Venice, Italy.

Lara's search will take her to the Venetian canals, a floating deep-sea salvage rig, a shipwreck on the ocean floor, the eerie catacombs beneath a Tibetan monastery, and a subterranean land called the Floating Islands.

But as Lara--and you--will discover, these are the least of the lethal dangers awaiting as she chases the Dagger of Xian.

The time has finally come to stop gawking at Lara Croft and start some serious game-4 playing with her. In a season of video game sequels, Tomb Raider II ranks as one of the best Now Dr.

Croft seeks the fabled Dagger of Xian, an ancient artifact with a monstrous secret. Her epic quest explores 18 danger-filled areas, with exotic locales that include the Great Wall of China, the canals of Venice, and the foothills of the Himalayas.

Of course, Lara's not the only one who craves the Dagger. TRII easily outdoes the original Tomb Raider in the sheer number of enemies, traps, and physical challenges.

Beasts of the animal and human kind dog her every step of the way. Tigers, eagles, and great white sharks are among the creatures who want to maul Lara; baseball-bat-swinging thugs, pistol-packing assassins, and kung-fu monks are among those who just want to brawl with Lara.

The robotic enemy A. The traps in TRII induce far more panic than those of the original. Boulders chase you between crushing spiked walls and your oxygen threatens to run out when you're 40 fathoms deep.

Lara must run, leap, and ferret out hidden switches to avoid ever-present death. That's okay, because Croft gets crafty with an amazing number of moves.

In addition to her trademark leaps and jumps and a cool breaststroke, she's acquired the ability to climb structures and to drive vehicles, too.

She still has auto-aiming, but her arsenal received an impressive upgrade, including dual Uzi submachine guns, a harpoon gun, and an M automatic rifle in addition to her regular two-gun rig.

All this is ably managed by the workmanlike controls, which do a good job of handling Lara's massive repertoire of moves.

However, TRII is for experts. Unlocking the mechanics of Lara's physique requires patience, skill, and practice, practice, practice. Lara possesses so much freedom of movement that making her perform precise moves when time is tight such as picking up ammo before sliding walls crush you requires such exact position ing that it can be slow, ponderous, and often fatal.

Come armed with a spacious memory card, and save often. Lara's look is killer. The impressive animation for her moves is stunningly life-like.

The handy auto-moving game cam enables you to scan the surrounding terrain degrees. And the computer-generated story cinemas between levels are so sweet, they're a true reward for completing a stage.

All is not perfect in graphics city, however. There's noticeable clipping that is, walls that appear solid from one angle appear pixel-thin from another.

Also, as in the first TR, the awkward position of the game cam can force you to fight blind. But the overall visual presentation is so fine, such flaws rightfully qualify as nitpicking.

In the audio department, Tomb II masters the minimalist approach. Effects and voice are used sparingly but well, and music only plays for clues and cues during game-play.

During the story cinemas, however, the audio pumps pure symphonic force. Tomb Raider II is an awesome adventure game. By the time Lara asks, "Haven't you seen enough?

Long after you beat TRII, there'll be only one thing on your mind Tomb Raider III.